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Floriana Formisano

Floriana Formisano, born in Salerno in 1983, is a young and emerging stylist of the fashion “Made in Italy” who has given her name to the exclusive new lines for ceremonial wear. Fashion has always been a big part of her life both personally and professionally: on one side her natural love for fashion has allowed her to play creating dresses for her dolls using simple pieces of fabric; on the other being part of the family’s business, Magia Srl, who are specialised in ladies wear.

floriana formisano

Thanks to her studies at the academy “Alta Moda Koefia” in Rome, everything that seemed to be a hobby has become something that she could do professionally and her natural attitude to style has positively opened her horizons to the fashion design, that has now become her world.

After travelling around the world and working in different fashion companies, Floriana has decided to join her family business with all the tools necessary to be an outright respected and widely appreciated stylist. Now a days, the trade learnt in these last 13 years in combination with her intuition and undiscussed artistic genius, has given her the ability to develop new ideas for future trendy projects. The creation of a single label boutique shows her strong will to increment the retailing channels for her collections. Nonetheless, Floriana is also motivated to bring her latest brand beyond the Italian Borders.