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Floriana Formisano is a “Made in Italy” female tailoring brand created in 2017 from the artistic genius fashion designer from which the name is taken.

It’s the fusion between the artistic and conceptual evolution of the two pre-existing fashion brands, “Curvy Allure” and “Althea G”, which were launched by Magia Srl: the corporate know how, that has been developed and perfected in the last 20 years, now reflects the new market needs both creatively and functionally.


The collections are created to empower a new form of femininity: a woman that wants to be classy and attractive going against the stereotypes that for decades have dominated the catwalks. The brand mission is to dress the fammes of any age by valuing them: giving them a new light of beauty by changing the silhouette into “a being of pure elegance and gracefulness”.

Floriana Formisano satisfies the needs of a strong, independent woman that desires to express her personality without following general trends and, most importantly, without fear of judgement. A woman who wears Floriana Formisano has a youthful and fresh glamour whilst keeping a classy style. It’s a woman who is refined and appreciates details of highend excellence that could only be found in high level Italian couture.

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The collections cover a variety of sizes ranging from size 40 EU to 58 EU, and there are options of high-quality special occasion wear. Here all possible shades of femininity are shown: dresses can be found in accordance to season, romance, loveliness, sensuality and vivacity. The combination of variety of textiles and new lines are researched to ensure an enchanted fusion of beauty. With this formula, every dress will make each woman feel confident and will make her see the way she has never have seen herself before. Each shape will be le file rouge that will combine the individual personality with a balanced style.